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100 years of Maternal & Child Health 1917-2017

MCHN VIC celebrated 100 years of Maternal and Child Health Centres in Victoria in 2017.

The first Baby Health Centre was opened in Richmond in 1917 and from there many more were built and opened over the years to create the service that we see today.

The book “All the Little Children: the story of Victoria’s Baby Health Centres” was first published in 2007. MCHN VIC INC published a special updated edition for the centenary of┬áMaternal and Child Health in Victoria in 2017.

“Noticing the declining state of our local, art-deco influenced Baby Health Centre a few years back, I looked for the story of Victoria’s Centres in print and could not find one. When I started my research, I thought it would be about buildings and systems but almost immediately discovered the wonderful women who began and developed our statewide system of caring for the health of babies. Their story and their legacy is precious.” – Heather Sheard. Excerpt from All the Little Children